Hi and welcome to healthygrany.com. I am very interested in health and well being for all.  About 13 years ago I was eating anything I wanted.  Then my vision got distorted and I called my eye doctor. The lady that answered the phone ask me if I was a diabetic.  I replied “not that I know of”.  She recommended that I get a blood sugar test.  So I did and the nurse called me and said I was probably a diabetic.  So I immediately thought ” no! I don’t want to be a diabetic.”  I went to the library and got books out on diabetes. 

I found a glycemic index and made a copy and brought the books back. I followed the glycemic index and my next blood sugar test was in the normal range.  I also suffered with allergies and migraines for over 20 years and after doctors prescribed every kind of allergy medication out there and even had given me a skin graph allergy test on my back and averaging three  severe headaches a week that were more like wearing a helmet of pain I decided to go to a homeopathic doctor.

  I found a really nice  doctor  that suggested I get a food allergy test.  So I did.  I was shocked when I got the results!  It was a very rude awakening.  I found out that eggs, yokes and whites are the worst things for me to eat!  Now, because of my diabetes scare I was relying on eggs for protein.  I am also intolerant to wheat, gluten, and dairy. 

When I stopped eating the eggs, wheat and gluten I did not have a headache for at least 3 months. I constantly read about plant based food, supplements, exercise and continue to learn more and more.  I have never been on any medication except for a natural thyroid from a compound pharmacy. 

I will be sharing tips and recipes all about eating gluten free, egg free, wheat free, dairy free and sugar free. Thank you for spending your time here with me and have a healthy happy day!!  Please check out my lifecoachingforladies.com website also.  Contact deb@healthygrany.com