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Easy Dieting Tip #1

Easy Dieting Tip #1

Cold Water

Many years ago I was watching a tv show about working out. The work out coach was in shape and looked very strong and was showing how to do different kinds of exercise. But the only thing I really remember from that tv show was one thing. He said if you drink very cold water you will loose weight.

I first thought “what? how does that happen?” Well, he explained that our bodies have to work really hard to warm up the very cold water in order for our bodies to absorb it and just by doing that helps to burn calories in our bodies.

So I poured myself an ice cold glass of water and took a sip and it was so cold it actually hurt me going down so I don’t think that is the way to go for me. We don’t want to hurt ourselves here. My problem is I don’t really like real cold water. So what do you think? Have you ever heard of this before? Did you know this? Did you ever try it?

Since I’m writing about water I would like to know If you heard about the safety of using plastics. I see a lot of people carrying around water in plastic bottles. In 2014 I read that when any kind of liquid is in a plastic bottle and that bottle gets warm to hot it releases toxins into the liquid.

One day I was walking into a department store through its garden department and I saw a couple of pallets with large size packaged bottled water on them and the sun was shining right down on them. I was a bit bothered by that because I was concerned for the people that might not know about the toxins that could be in the water that may buy them.

But that’s not the only problem I found with the plastic bottles. After I got to thinking about this I also wondered where the water originally comes from so I turned to the internet and after answering a few questions I found out where my water comes from.

The problem for me is, does it now get poured into the plastic bottles and trucked across the state to a town near me with the sun beating down on the truck or is it in an air conditioned truck? Then it is trucked to my store and is my store the first stop of the day or the last stop of the day because its usually sunny in SW Florida.

I also read that the bigger the bottles are the less toxins the liquid would have in them. So I buy the 2.5 gallon spring water and transfer it to my glass container. I hope I’m wrong about the plastics but I don’t really know for sure. What I do know is I don’t want to take chances with my health.

Above is one of many stainless steel travel mugs that I found on which is very similar to my own that I have been using for two years. I feel a lot better using a stainless steel mug than using a plastic bottle. By clicking on “Shop Now” you will be taken to and you can purchase anything your heart desires.

I tried one of those bottles with the filter in it and thought it was the greatest invention since sliced bread. But after finding out about the toxins leaching into my water from the plastic bottle getting warmed in the car I thought “crap.” You see, it doesn’t matter how clean the water is before they put it in the plastic bottles.

I love my stainless steel mug. I take it everywhere and have no worries about my drinking water getting contaminated with toxins. I add 1 Tablespoon of Pure Unflavored Collagen Protein powder to my water to help keep my blood sugar normalized (because I am a pre- diabetic/insulin resistant) when I’m on the go and supports my joints, bones (because I am lactose intolerant, no dairy) and skin, hair and nails(because I am over 60) and need all the help I can get.

Below is a JNW Direct Comprehensive Water Test Kit. If you are concerned about the water coming out of your faucets in house and the water in your plastic bottles, this is a testing strip kit for lead, iron, copper, PH, fluoride, mercury, and more. You can get this one or any other test kits you may want to try by clicking on “GO” you will be taken right to and you can shop until you drop.

I hope this information has given you something to think about. Please do your own research to find out what is best for you. Thank you for spending your time here. Please leave a comment below. Contact:

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